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February 24, 2013
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Clara Von Braun - color sketch by GEN-12 Clara Von Braun - color sketch by GEN-12

Color variant of my ink sketch >>… pencil sketch >>…
I like the tradition of the ancient Roman heroes, the citizens who were ready to any sacrifices for their homeland - and Rome was proud by glory of such citizens. They defended republic, conquered the numerous nations and built the Great Empire.
That style of life was far from our pitiful standards... Our citizens just crowd of thieves, cowards and freaks who are ready on something only for the great money. And they have the tolerant state which they deserve - to be controlled by the foreigners which are just rob them...
Clara von Braun, the daughter of the famous German rocket scientist, Wernher Magnus von Braun. She's the brave jet pilot and hero of the Reich. That's her last flight - she gave her oath to deliver the V-kind bomb attached to her jet fighter, (by the way what kind of the jet fighter it was?) directly to the main bridge on the river Oder, captured by the Russian paratrooper brigade.
The price of this suicidal mission is a life of the pilot, because of only manual control could guarantee success. And if the heavy tanks will be stopped on the river, she will safe the capital of Germany from the falling - Berlin and Reich will stay undefeated.
A fiction character but quite in tradition of the ancient heroes - who fought for their Nation and Land till the end...

Here's the link to the Geraman War Planes >>>… and the best music track of all times for this theme:…
And I suppose, the best song ever for the Oath .. >>… :fork: :icongivemesmilesplz: and Version of 2007:…

I thought about your words :iconwolfprime: - her pose could be a little better and more heroic... Actually, I wanted to depict here a female killer and heroine without showing her "martial skills" or "killing intellect" or other femenistic bulshit , but with a focus only on her NATURAL merits - like her face, her hair, her hips, legs and h-m, the other parts of her body...
As any normal man, I more interesting in the female merits which are not equal, than equal to the men virtues... =D
Again, Al I just can say: Great!
TwickyGirl Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Wow that's amazing!! I really like it and the background fits so well with Clara - veeery seductive as usual!! =D
As always, fantastic work! Keep coloring for us the females who show their best parts ;-)
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