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February 24, 2013
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Leichttractor and its crew - color Desert by GEN-12 Leichttractor and its crew - color Desert by GEN-12
This time it's full ColoR variant - I had play with soft and color pencils and did few color variants...
This one I called desert color and its looking better than two others. inks Here >>…
"Эй, детка, я теперь брюнетка,
Я стреляю метко и целуюсь крепко!
Эй, детка, я теперь брюнетка,
Я люблю всех редко, но хватаю цепко!" :iconbangkillplz:

:iconzombits: Kaizer's army Light Tank "Leichttractor" and its crew. :iconleichttraktor:
Africa, Egypt, 1918. The German troops moving to Cairo...

I wanted to draw here the female killers without showing their 'martial skills' or 'fighting intellect' or other feminist style bulshit, cause focus on the male/female equality far not my cup of tea, as normal pal I more prefer their unequal things... :heart: So here, I showed mostly their boobs and legs. :icongivemesmilesplz: :iconlovewhiteplz:

Today such tank seems too light even for the light tank, but it was good as commander armored car even till the end of WWII.

I don't remember well, but seems during WWI Germans were the last fighting side who changed their cavalry to tank troops, isn't it? Or it was Russia? But sure not Poland - they used British tanks instead horses... Or they didn't fight during WWI? Oh, yes their land was a principality in the Russian Empire, same Like a Finland.
Funny that my granny could be in that crew, cause she lived in Europe during that time... :omfg: :eyepopping: :sprint:
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Is the inspiration from Wolfenstein :) (Smile) 
GEN-12 Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, it is.
I like these women
GEN-12 Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jesus Christ! Me too!  Spazattackplz 
I must be really tight in that tank.......
overall its a cool image. I wish there wasn't swastika's on it. 1st it was a Nazi image during their rise to power and wouldn't have been on a WWI tank.
2nd it has such evil connotations that I can't in good conscience Fav the picture even tho i really like everything else
GEN-12 May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Evil connotations??? Are you kidding? Damn, there are 3 russian scouts masha, dasha, and sasha - they crossdressed in German uniform and captured that tank! Is it fine now???
Heheh, "crossdressing" doesn't mean what you think it means in English, it's something absolutely disgusting actually...
GEN-12 Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are you mister some teacher of English?
Look up WW1 aircraft. Many piolts, both sides including Jews, painted swastikas on theor aircraft. Before the NSDAP the symbol had other meanings.
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